We do all type of zipline and zip cycle setups anywhere

Installing zipline Activities is not any easy task because we need to take lot of things in mind and perfect blue print plan before start installing zip cables and bridges

"Our Expert team will come and analyze everything and install with all safety measurements and we do support for repairs in future"

Vamshi Kothala - CEO
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Environment Analysis

We do analysis of sand test, weather and few things of area before installing zipline and sky cycle

Development Planning

We take perfect measurements for ropes, stand and perfect plan of zipline setup or sky cycle setup

Execution & Evaluation

We do number test rounds for zipline & sky cycle activities before handover it because people’s safety is our priority


Choose The Services
That Suits Your Needs

high rope course

Zip Cycle Setup

We install zip cycle setup within your requirements like length and area type and we use high quality equipment for zip cables setup

  • It’s a Unique Activity
  • One Time Investment
low rope course

Zipline Setup

We will install all types of zipline activities for single or double rides at a time with all safety measurements and further support

  • It’s a Unique Activity
  • One Time Investment
rope course setup

Zipline for Rental

We will install zipline & cycle activities for rental purpose

  • For one day events we provide rope course instant setups for rental service
  • It saves your money

Improve your tourism attraction with our zipline services

1What is Zipline?
Zipline is one of the outdoor activity which can done as challenging fact for the people who are intreasted in adventure activities
zip cycle is i adventure ride with cycle in the air on ropes. It is an adventure game gives thrill
Mostly these are best to install on all Amusement Parks, Fun Zones, Large Townships, Resorts, Forests and any adventure camps, In school events etc

Things we Use to Zipline Setup

We use high quality equipment and things for zipline setup at your locations. We can customize the package based on requirements

Safety Equipment 100%
Area analyze and Testing 95%
Work Experience 90%
  • 1
    Our field engineer team will visit the site of zipline installation
  • 2
    Analyze the area and sand etc things to check support for it
  • 3
    Our Construction team will take the measurements and start design sketch
  • 4
    First we will build very strong bridges to attach zip cables to both sides
  • 5
    We will install rope cables to both stands and attach safety equipments
  • 6
    Our team will go for few Rides for testing after completion
  • Every Amusement Park should have to attract visitors
  • For kids we install small low rope activities in town ships
  • If we install in resorts, it will be a good for customers
  • Adventure Camps will get more clients to do it
  • It’s a onetime investment

Read Our Customer Testimonials

Our clients are our gods and we can not imagine a better future for our company without helping them reach their objectives

The guys from Freakouts who came for the setup zone to install zip cycle were well treated and experienced.
MD - Siddipet Park
These guys installed sky cycle activities in botanical garden hyderabad.
Vikranth - Manager
Freakouts instructors and engineers are well experienced i can prefer this company for all type zipline and zip cycle installtion.
Goapl Nath - Principal
In laknavaram, they built zip cycle from one island to other island which was good one.
Murali - Manager

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  • We can do zipline & zip cycle installations
  • We will analyze area and do required tests for safety at setup area
  • Don't hesitate to email us for any questions or inquiries


Projects That We're Proud Of

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We're Passionate about Installing zipline and sky cycle

Our goal is to setup or install all zipline activities to our clients to improve their visitor’s growth with unique activities and with 100% safety of people during rope activities

  • Have expert team of installing zipline and sky cycle setups
  • We do recomended tests and other analysis before starting zipline and zip cycle setups
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